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Facial Aesthetics

Anti-wrinkle therapies involve the use of cosmetic injectables to smooth out problem lines via non-surgical methods.

Here at the Maltings Dental Practice these procedures are provided by our dentist Mr Peter Butcher.



Botox®, or Botulinum toxin, type A is a neurotoxin that temporarily paralyses muscles by blocking nerve impulses.  As a result of this the relaxed muscle can no longer contract thus smoothing out frown lines.


The effects last between 3 to 6 months and maintenance treatment significantly reduces recurrence.


Peter uses Allergan's Botox®.  Dentist's spend the majority of their undergraduate training developing an indepth knowledge of the anatomy of the head and neck and spend a great deal of time delivering (mostly) pain free injections.


Botulinum toxin is used primarily in the upper face and main areas treated are:

1. Glabellar region – deep folds in between the brows

2. Crows feet – these are tiny parallel wrinkles at the corners of the eyes

3. Forehead lines

4. Bunny lines

5. Mouth to chin lines

6. Downturned mouth

7. Jowl lifting / jaw line recontour

8. Hyperhidrosis - this is the treeatment of excesive sweating, typically of the underarm area.  Treatment lasts up to 18 months.




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Dermal fillers

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural component in our skin.  It has viscoelastic properties that help our faces to look full and smooth.  Over time and due to sunlight exposure this natural substance is reduced creating unwanted folds.


Dermal fillers contain HA and by injecting it into specific areas, we aim to increase volume and fullness thus smoothing out deep folds.  Peter uses Allergan's Juvederm® dermal filler products.


The effects last between 6-12 months. Successive treatments will reduce recurrence.


Dermal fillers are mainly used in the lower face. They can be used to treat:

1. Nasolabial folds

2. Facial Depressions

3. Improove the contour of the chin and lower jaw

4. Marionette Lines

5. Smokers lines

6. Improve cheek contours

7. Recontour the temple region


A consultation is required before any treatment is carried out.  At this appointment the dentist will ask about the main areas of concern as well as going through a detailed medical history form.  Photographs may be required.


Like all cosmetic treatments, botox® and dermal fillers are not for everyone.  At the Malting's Dental Practice we beleive in utilising the procedure to reverse the ageing process without making you look fake.



I have had a problem with excessive sweating all of my adult life, specifically with under arm sweat and although hidden from most people it has become part of who I am. I have always managed it as best I can but it is a huge inconvenience and very embarrassing. Every day I chose my clothes to hide the problem. Whether it be going to work or socialising I have to consider how I will deal with it. I’ve tried everything and nothing works! I have to wear dark clothes, lots of layers or dry myself with towels or hand dryers whenever I get chance.


Without realising I had learned to live with the problem, but recently I decided to have treatment for hyperhydrosis with botox. The procedure was quick, easy and not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. It has changed my life and I am so glad I did it. I only wish I had done it sooner!

I cant thank everyone at The Maltings Dental Practice  enough and would recommend them to anyone with a similar problem to me.


M from Grantham 


Approaching 40, I finally decided to do something about those annoying age lines.  My nose to mouth lines were the ones that concerned me the most, so I felt best to tackle these first.

My experience was first class.  I was worried that the injections would be painful but actually to my surprise I hardly felt a thing.

I was amazed that the effects were immediate.  My lines looked instantly better.

The following day I felt slightly sore in the treated area and there was a tiny area that bruised, however within a couple of days this had subsided.

I am so impressed with the result and wouldn't hesitate in recommended this treatment with Mr Butcher.


L from Old Somerby















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